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Testimonials: Michelle's Transformation Success Story

This financial planner met Christine and Shane when she was on holiday in Mexico and, inspired by their passion, decided to begin her own weight loss journey. She has lost 56 pounds and 32 inches in just one year! 

Serendipity in Mexico

Michelle met Shane and Christine when was vacationing in Mexico, where they realized they had a lot of friends in common. Over the course of the holiday, the couple’s passion for weight loss and fitness inspired Michelle to drop in to their Calgary gym once she was home.

An obvious choice

Michelle was impressed by the Jensen family’s impressive range of services from online and in-gym personal training, to weight loss coaching and customized nutrition plans. She had goals to improve her balance, stability, and focus, and Shane and Christine were eager to focus on that with her, as well as support her through her entire process.


Saying Goodbye to Yo-Yo Dieting

As a yo-yo dieter for almost her whole adult life, the real highlight for Michelle was to be able to sustain her weight loss. Shane and Christine showed her how to combine diet with exercise to create magical, incredible results!

First ah-ha! Moment

One of the most memorable parts of this weight loss journey for Michelle was when she completed her first Jensen Fitness Challenge. After that, her passion for fitness was truly ignited and after her 8-week transformation, she lost 35 pounds and gained a newfound sense of confidence.


A Family Affair

Today, Michelle’s entire family is engaged in this fitness journey with her, including both her sons and daughter. They are now eating healthier and enjoying some very important family bonding time.

Personally, Michelle finds that she has much more energy and confidence and is proud to say that fitness has become a part of her life and a part of who she is.

Taking that first step

Michelle admits that she was really afraid to begin personal training but, to her surprise and delight, the journey has been amazing! Shane and Christine readily embraced her and engaged her in the entire process, encouraging her to do things she never thought she could do!


Beginning a New Chapter With Jensen Fitness

Michelle has been working out with Jensen Fitness for over a year now and is constantly amazed by their energy, passion, and how truly invested they are in every client’s individual weight loss or fitness journey.


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