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Testimonials - Cheryl's Calgary Personal Training Success Story

Stay-at-home mom Cheryl joined the Jensen Fitness family in September 2017, after she realized she might need a little more help and motivation on her weight loss journey. We caught up with her on how working with a personal trainer and a nutrition coach is changing her approach to fitness and helping her achieve her dream body.

Taking the First Step into Lifelong Fitness

When Cheryl first began her weight loss journey, she was working out alone in her basement. But when her clothes continued to fit tight and she couldn’t get them done up, she realized that she might need some extra assistance from a fitness or nutrition coach.

She decided to reach out to a personal trainer who could help her achieve her goals.

Jensen Fitness was an obvious choice for the Calgary mom, because of their family-feel; their concern for her overall well-being; and their passion in helping her get to where she wanted to be.

Only 2 months in, this dedicated fitness mom was already feeling the difference.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, along with the incredible support and nutrition advice she received from the Jensen fitness coaches, Cheryl experienced dramatic changes in the way her body looked, losing a total of nine pounds of fat in just eight weeks!

Now that her clothes fit better, Cheryl is feeling happier and more confident in her body than ever!


Personal Training is About More Than Just Weight Loss

One of the key things Cheryl has learned during her time with her Jensen fitness and nutrition coach is that personal training is about more than just weight loss and a focus in the gym.

Cheryl was impressed by the care shown by the team at Jensen towards bettering her overall health and well-being. Her trainers were dedicated to making sure she was getting the proper nutrition, and increasing her self-confidence by pushing her to break new fitness boundaries every day.

Enjoying success after weight loss

The customized personal training and nutrition programme created by the coaches have not only got Cheryl the results she wanted, but have helped her go beyond what she even thought possible. She has benefited from increased energy and self-esteem, and learned how to be healthy and feel beautiful from the inside out.


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