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Testimonials: April's Weight Loss Success Story

After attending a friends wedding and seeing the incredible results the bride achieved with Jensen Fitness, April immediately signed up for the weight loss program and has lost 10 pounds and over 20 inches in just a few months!

Taking Fitness to A New Level

April has always been active, working out every day at home, alone. When she became frustrated with her lack of results, she decided to search for a place where she would feel comfortable going every day, where she’d receive one-on-one training, and where someone could help her focus on what mattered most: her personal health and well-being.

Taking the first step

After attending a friend’s wedding and being blown away by how incredible the bride looked, April immediately contacted Shayne and Christine and signed up for the program. She was determined to reach her weight loss and fitness goals and was certain that the team at Jensen Fitness would help transform her life.


Living a Healthy and Happy Life

What struck April most about the program was how it wasn’t so much the weight loss she was happy with, but rather how confident and happy she felt. Her clothes fit better than they’d ever done and she felt comfortable in her body.

It’s all about balance

The program gave April the tools to live healthily, but also happily. It was never about sacrificing the things she loved to do and eat, but rather it helped her find a healthy balance so she could achieve weight loss happily and sustainably.


FInding her Fitness Family

Embarking on the Jensen Fitness program is all about friendliness and camaraderie. Not only did April have a fun time while working out, but Christine and Shayne constantly pushed her to be the best version of herself; they were more than just trainers, they became her friends and an important part of her daily life.

A State-of-the-art facility with a family feel

If you want a place where you can feel welcome, where you can go in and have fun without any of the typical gym pressure, while still being able to meet and exceed your goals, then April recommends that Jensen Fitness is where you need to be.


Begin Your Transformation Today

If you want to start on your own weight loss journey and enjoy incredible results and a healthier, happier life, then contact us today at 403-200-0199‚Äč or fill in our online contact form.


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